Boodskap van die Skoolhoof / Message from the Principal:

Here are 13 Tips to make your days have purpose:

  • I need to learn something new every day.

  • Get out of bed early, and in the right mood.

  • Keeping fit and healthy may just give you more 'time' on this earth.

  • Plan 'me time!' You need to allocate 10 - 15 minutes where you can simply sit quietly and reflect on your day

  • Avoid 'time vampires!' These are the people that keep interrupting you during the day and stop you from achieving your goals.

  • There is a big difference between 'time vampires' and people who really need your help. Make a point of giving selflessly to people who deserve and really need your help.

  • Do what you love doing. You need a purpose - make your passion your purpose.

  • Identify your productive time.

  • Do a midday check on yourself! Stop half way in the day and look at your morning and decide whether you are still on track, or whether something or someone steered you off the path.

  • Avoid unnecessary information overload.

  • STOP trying to get even and stop holding grudges.

  • Weekends and after hours is my time and family time.

  • Think about your day! Make a plan to identify and eradicate the negative events and strive to have days where you only reflect on positive happenings.

Have a brilliant third term and enjoy EVERY minute of it!

K. van Schalkwyk